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Use MapData to export search results from Google Maps, enriched with contact information.

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Turn Google Maps into a Goldmine.

Export any search

No more manual data entry, just use MapData to export entire searches from Google Maps.

Extra contact info

MapData will visit the websites of the businesses in your search to find contact information, saving you time.

Safe and secure

Completely compliant data that abides by even the strictest of data policies around the world.

Loads of efficient companies love using MapData

Everything you need for outreach.

Google Maps Scraping

Scrape entire Google Maps results, no matter how many results you need.

Contact Information Find

We'll visit the websites of the businesses you search for and find emails, phone numbers, and social medias.

Organized in one Simple Dash

All organized in a simple dashboard, so you can store or download your exports as a CSV file.

Ditch your manual process.

Make finding local business a breeze with MapData.

  • Google Maps scraping
  • Contact information finding
  • Easy to manage csv file
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